Beacon of Hope v2.0
Beacon of Hope v1.0

Living in rural areas without adequate electricity supplies — “off grid” or with unreliable supplies and frequent power outages, can have a big impact on everyday life as well as on education and the development of business opportunities such as home-working and trading. Households use expensive and potentially dangerous lighting such as candles and oil. After natural disasters or other events, power supplies and lighting may become unreliable or non-existent.

Beacons of Hope

Solar rechargeable lamps provide a clean, effective way to overcome these problems. The units can be switched on and off manually, but also have an automatic switch position: they turn on by themselves, when the regular power supply shuts off and mains-powered lighting fails. Positioning the unit in any reasonable lighting level (even under artificial light) causes the charger to re-start automatically and top up the internal batteries. The efficient LED light will operate for several hours continuously after a few hours of normal charging levels.

The internal batteries can be regular rechargeable units such as AA cells (which can be swapped in and out) and the battery compartment is also adapted to take several different types of standard mobile phone battery — so users can also keep operating with that vital tool of life today, connecting with family, friends and business contacts and markets. A USB socket also provides for direct power off-take for phone charging or other small devices.

Base Model

The original Beacon of Hope lamp with a simple metal table stand; also designed to balance so that the stand can be used as a loop to suspend the lamp from any suitable hook, rail or cord.

Folding model

The new folding design stands on a desk or table, but folds into a neat, compact unit for portability: perfect for the school-bag or briefcase, it can also be used as a portable flashlight!