About Us

EnoVision Headquarters in Singapore

Our mission is to make our world little brighter by developing sustainable communities in under-privileged countries using appropriate technologies. Also, we aim to build sustainable educational institutes and develop for the future leaders and entrepreneurs for the frontier region.

EnoVision International Pte. Ltd. is a profit-oriented company incorporated under the laws of the Republic of Singapore. EnoVision was founded in 2015 by an international group of professors and staff working together in Korea.

At our R&D Center in Korea, our engineers are working together to develop product innovations in green technology and related areas, which can be rolled-out by EnoVision or other start-ups within a joint-venture framework. The main application areas are: Energy, IT, Agriculture and Life Sciences.

Sales and Partnerships

We welcome enquiries for personal sales and small-volume purchases of EnoVision products. However, our main focus is on building partnerships to deliver large volumes of our products to those who will benefit, throughout Asia and in other countries where off-grid technologies are especially useful. We welcome enquiries from NGOs and similar bodies who are interested in working with us to reach these goals and meet the needs that they see among their target groups.